a distorted and greyed remix of track image from Shannon Curtis I Am a distorted and greyed remix of track image from Shannon Curtis I Am

I Am

Play 01 Play 01 I Am (shannon curtis vs control.org) 4:41
Play 02 Play 02 I Am (shannon curtis vs control.org radio edit) 4:06

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released: August 2023

We're bringing back the remix wars.

We met Shannon and Jamie via reaching out on behalf of a fediverse related project. Turns out they are delightful humans and kindred musical spirits who just happen to have released back to back absolute synth/alt pop gem albums with a crazy good blend of sound design, modern synth production and anthem and storytelling lyrics with gorgeous vocals.

It's not every day you find that mix and rarer still to have humans behind it who when asked by your boy "uh can I drop some filth on your beauty with unapologetic too many kick drums?" say "HECK YES". Legends!

Exhausted from various IRL drains and from staring at the many C2 and org projects sitting idle, we needed something not our own to kick start firing up the studio in earnest and really smashing the hiatus. Boy howdy did this exercise do it.

'I Am' is a powerful anthem from Shannon's latest full-length 'Good to Me' which you should 100% go enjoy

and while you can absolutely and we do recommend shout it in the car or have a sway and gentle head bang in the kitchen, we envisaged ramping up the tension and maybe the cardio. Who doesn't love a good cathartic empowering stomp?!

Original track written and vocals by Shannon Curtis

Remix mastered by Jamie Hill at Department of Energy Management, Tacoma

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