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a broken shortwave radio and 1/2 a roll of electrical tape

dark disko, ebm, power noise, synth, powernoise, synthpop, tech, house, noisescapes, dystopia, horror
tracks, albums, commissions, sound design, game assets, installation sounds, noises, remixes

Coming end of 23 and throughout 24: more sample and noise loop libraries in the Broke and Dirt series 03 bateria quebrada and 04 broken signals. As well as more remixes for others,new dj mindstalker, a covers album, a C2 EP, a C2 vs EP, and a new album! All very real and in some levels of completion and progress. It's time to light up control freak studio and hopefully some of you are still out there to stomp along.

Welcome to our little self-determined artist's honesty box on the interwebs. For new releases, of which there are many done, close to done, or well under way, we may institute an advance code for which you can donate, super help us out and get the new release. Thereafter as with everything else, it's donate what you can if you can in reciprical solidarity as it has been for years, we have just eliminated one of the middle man cuts.

Generally all my music is free or donation and CC-BY-SA these days. If you wish to use it in a project, you need to credit and you'd have to allow remix, edits and share alike redistribution of your work as well. If you'd like to use my full music tracks for a project you will not be similarly open licensing then please make contact and we can happily work out some explicit consent for you.

For our sample packs and libraries, these are 100% original sound and loop creations offered under CC-BY license. You are free to use these in any project at all for any kind of redistribution you like, just credit for sound sources, and for these we do ask that you donate something to us if your usage is at all commercial, even a humble small amount in solidarity.

Reach out if you like for specific consent or any kind of edits, formats or collab or custom sound commissions for your projects. If you are just rocking our pummeling tunes to sernade the neighbours, by all means, please have at it for free!

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e of mail: ctrlfrk at duck dot com

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Here you may preview, link, enjoy our music. If you select downloads you are presented with a soft pay option, you can enter 0 and skip through in solidarity, or if you have the means and awesomeness, you can contribute to support our work.

If you might please subscribe to our e-mail list for the very occasionally live web event, remixes and media projects and major releases. Without bandcamp notifications this might a bit more visible and durable connection and would be super helpful as we look to unleash a sizable bucket of pent up releases in quick succession. It is also self-hosted and there is no extra corpo cloud middlemen, third party tracking or advertising nonsene. Just promotion of the healthy dark things from a reinvigerated control freak studio!

You can also hear our work featured along with many other awesome fediverse present artists on radio free fedi

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