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Welcome to the radio free fedi community faircamp. Faircamp by is an open tool for generating clean static sites for artists or labels to offer their music for preview and/or download on the hosting of their choice.

With the recent sale of Bandcamp to predatory VC extractive vultures, and the main move to finalise that sale was to "corporate restructure" away the recently unionised staff, the writing is on the wall for the last least worst option for relatively popular and trusted reach and discovery to enter a spiral of behaviour that will not be comfortable for many artists or supporters. To that end, here is an option for members of our RFF community who may not want or be able to self-host their music and/or would like something that is a simple, tidy, open and not walled garden or metrics driven home to offer their music to supporters.

You can fully preview tracks, share links, embed tracks(partially working, being addressed, we have some hacks) and based on the artist's choice of settings freely, honesty box sale/donate, or via code download that you could make a item in a ko-fi or other transactional store type shop. Users get non-DRM forever files in mutliple format choice we can expand if demand and resource are there..

DM the station if you would like to be setup with this faircamp model. All you need to do is provide some flac or wav files, cover art, artist links and release info as plain text to us and we have a process to handle all the file movement and the faircamp config. It is quite not painful. We have some funds donated by lovely members of the RFF community specifically for artists who may need help with a solution like this and may be in no position to help with setup or a small monthly contribution toward upkeep. So please reach out! Apologies the RFF faircamp friends assistance fund is exhausted but we will still do our best to help as follows. If you can do a small koha we may still be able to end to end collate, build and host for you depending on catalogue size. If you can assemble the faircamp bundle or get some help to do that part and are an RFF artist we can absolutly provide the public hosting part for you.

This is not a transaction based shop nor a streaming platform nor federated, nor an all encompasing social platform. Rather, it is a clean place to preview music and download in useful formats.

You can:

  • offer freely available downloads
  • offer no downloads at all only preview and maybe links to something else
  • offer downloads after a soft pay curtain that displays any number of pay or donate options including some embedded widget options (stripe ko-fi), but the continue to downloads is not contingent upon any transaction
  • offer downloads via code only that you give out as you see fit. An example might be you have a new release you want to get payment for, you might setup a ko-fi shop item to deliver the code for your faircamp upon sale. This way you are not trying to cram audio with no previews into ko-fi shop, can offer multiple download formats the user can choose and are guaranteeing a payment.
  • or any combo as all options are granular per release.

This means you could have releases freely available, some with pay curtain recommndation, and maybe an upcoming or new release you offer via code for preview or by collecting a payment a then giving code

We are working on a few stats options to give basic download numbers to artists with the caveat that while we have tested integrating things like plausible, that does introduce a little more scripting and what could fairly be disclosed as light tracking if done gently.

Faircamp has the ability to scramble and rotate the underlying file names for when some filthy robot or link appears in the wild

Overall, the artist can be comfortable the platform is doing nothing weird with their work and the users can appreciate there is no data being collected, no tracking, no metrics, no google, nothing. The only 3rd party scripts you might encounter are from donation widgets/links to to support the artists via liberapay, ko-fi, stripe, etc.

Please respect artist's licenses and if you have the means please donate or support the artists via the links they provide. Stay awesome out there.


main styles: electronic, trip-hip, synthpop, chill, ethereal

primary license: © all rights reserved

control freak studio

main styles: industrial, powernoise, ebm, futurepop, synth, techno

primary license: CC-BY-NC-SA


main styles: guitar, classical, relaxed, atmospheric

primary license: © all rights reserved


main styles: electronic, techno, synth, drum & bass, house, fun

primary license: CC-BY-SA


main styles: electronic, techno, synth, synthetic, ambient, experimental

primary license: © all rights reserved

Leo Levinsky and the Embarrassments

main styles: alternative, alt rock folk, New York

primary license: © all rights reserved

Jessica B. Kelly & The Void Conspiracy

main styles: metal, heavy, industrial

primary license: © all rights reserved

Limnetic Villains

main styles: alternative, dark, electronic, indie

primary license: © all rights reserved

bruxa do mangue / Lynn Avalon

main styles: electronic, experimental, alternative, folk

primary license: © all rights reserved

Check out the Faircamp webring.